Saturday, May 29, 2010


Nothing like preparing for a mountain bike race by spending the week building up a new road bike. In all honesty I had my heart set of the new Madone w/ the DI2 from Shimano. I ended up with the next best thing. A Gary Fisher Cronus Ultimate w/ full SRAM RED. It's super light, super stiff, and ready for some action. I took it for it first spin on Friday. Everything seemed pretty good. I might go with a slightly smaller stem...good thing the Top Fuel needs a slightly longer stem! All set to head up to Wausau tomorrow and then enjoy a Monday of recovery!

The new road bike is set up with a 53-39 175mm crankset and a standard 11-23 10spd RED dome cassette. The bike has a super beefy BB and a 1.5" headset which should make my sprint even faster!

I did make it out on the MTB last weekend and took 'er for a good warm up ride today. I think the tires are finally set, in another month I should be ready for some full speed ahead racing! Maybe I'll even make an appearance at a road race or two during T.O.A.D.???

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