Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Back

Last week was crazy...I think being at Trek University and listening to John Burke talk was almost like I was brain washed. I put in close to 60 hours work last week and couldn't stop thinking about it....hence no updates.....after a few football games yesterday I realize its time to chill a little. Before the next update I'll let Tristan stay busy with this photo. Unfortunately someone has my photo scanner and left the country so this photo is actually a picture of the photo itself! Think about that and then try to guess who is present...winner gets a really cool prize to be delivered at WORS #1

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Not the new TV station that isn't going to cover the Giro, the Vuelta, or the Tour...not the TV station that shows lots of Bull Riding or an occasional hockey game.

I'm talking about -VS- like

Ali -vs- Frasier
Packers -vs- Bears
Husband -vs- Wife
Michigan -vs- Ohio St
East Coast -vs- West Coast

and of course Old School -vs- New School

here it is...

Old School:

My First Race!

1993 Garland Hammer
11th place beginner 18 & under
Haro Impulse w/ Triple Triangle Technology & a Rock Shox Mag 21...sweet neon matching helmet, white cotton knee high socks and a white tee shirt!


New School:

2007 Top Fuel 9.9 w/ new XTR

Can you say sweet! 22lbs out of the box! I am pumped and needless to say today I am not going old school...Elite 9.9 Hardtail should be here next week! Heading to Madison for Trek University Mon & Tues...also should be sweet...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tristan is the Man

Everyone should help the guy out...he is the man...he went for it and he succeeded.

This is your great chance to get your name on his blog! I already sponsored the ride were I ripped his legs off.. (It doesn't count that I was on a moped, c'mon its my off-season)

Congrats to Tristan for making the WORLDS Team

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Winter has finally arrived...this past weekend we left Sheboygan and it was 50 degrees. We went to Eagle River in search of snow and a more winter like atmosphere. We found a little, but when we came back to Sheboygan the warm temps had dissapeared and the frigid air from Up North followed had followed us home. However the sub-zero temperatures have not deterred my plans of commuting to work all winter. So far I have only driven to work 3 times. Once was to switch cars with Tristan, and the other day I had to bring in my new road bike so I had to drive. I have over a month in of commuting 7 miles to work and 7 miles home. This mornings commute was brutally cold with temps in the low 20's, but luckily I had a crazy tailwind and covered the trip in a record breaking 19 minutes. I am proud to be a commuter, saving the environment, saving gas money, and saving some unnecessary miles on the Hyundai. After a week you get into a routine and it's not that bad. Just a little extra time and some planning and you to can be a commuter!

I have also been hitting Synergy once or twice a week for Yoga or Gravity strength training. Now that the New Year is upon us it is time to start setting some goals. So far the only thing I have come up with is more sit ups.

More Old Pictures


Can you name these guys?

Mad Skills Who is it?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dr. Decarbon Video

The Doctor is in the house!

Here it is...

Top Three from the Retro contest in no particular order!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rockin' In The New Year

Happy New Year - Old School Style (of course)

New Years Eve - We had a Mexican Fiesta and watched the Pack destroy Da Bears. I was in bed at 10:30. I did enjoy my last trip of the year to Cold Stone Creamery. One Pint of Dark Chocolate Mint w/ White Chocolate Chips, Dark Fudge Chunks, and crushed Candy Cane. One Pint of Sweet Cream Ice Cream w/ Brownies, Butterfinger, and Oreo. Mmmmmmm

New Years Day Ride - Urban Assualt of Sheboygan...we took some stairs, we broke some rules, and we laid some tread. All dressed up in our finest retro cycling clothing. It was pretty sweet. Unfortunately I didn't have access to my full arsenalt of clothing(the majority of my good stuff is at my parents in Athens) however I did score a sweet full wind suit by Hind, and old school Trek Helmet and some of the most neon goggles you have seen.

We ended up with 20 miles on the day and a good time was had by all. Check out the AM/FM duck taped to my stem. We were blasting the classic rock the whole ride. Spiro would have loved it...and of course you can't go Retro without duck tape. Andrea was sporting some sweet purple tights with a matching fanny pack.

The best part of the day was when Dr. Decarbon biffed it at the skate park. I'm going to try to link up a video soon