Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dyin' & Livin'

This week started exactly opposite of what I had hoped.  Last weekend was the big inventory at Trek Bikes of Tucson.  I had hoped to finish up early Sunday evening and then have the next 3 weeks of pure vacation, w/ no camps and no work, to look forward to....

Instead Sunday night after work BAM - it hit me so hard that I didn't know which end was up...especially because it was coming out of both ends.  From 8:00pm after a dinner that obviously didn't stay in me until about 3:00am I had to visit the toilet every 15-20 minutes.

By Monday morning I was smashed...I was stuck in bed all day.  Tuesday I was ready to get out of bed after 36 hours, but it wasn't meant to be....after a weak attempt it was back to bed....I was so dizzy and nauseaus that I couldn't even watch a movie in bed....OUCH I think its the worst I've ever been.  So finally after 60 hours of straight bed time besides 20 or so visits to the toilet I was starting to be back to normal.  Just super weak and about 8 lbs too light.

I was finally back on the bike Thursday for an easy MTB spin at Fantasy Island and then at it for real again w. a nice ride up to Windy Point on Thursday w/ Karew.

Again I hit the wall on the way home....but with plenty of Mexican food in the forecast I was able to overcome the calorie deficit and now I'm back to normal!!!

I'm looking forward to the last 2 weeks in Tucson.  The big 5 Hour Energy pro road team just rolled up to the house!  I'm pretty excited to see what its all about.  It'll be like I'm a roadie for a week long pro team training camp!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Worked Over

Last week was big - bigger than expected. Somehow I ended up with 20+ hours on the bike, but don't worry I'm making up for it now....

It started with a big commute to Trek Bikes of Tucson last monday to finish up the pre-inventory audit. Tuesday was a solid 50 miles w/ Brian Rach and Andrea out to Collassal Caves and Saguaro East to test the time/distance of a route for the upcoming camp with the crew from Detroit.
Andrea & Rach in Saguraro Nat'l Park

Wednesday I wanted a good jam session with Trav and the GoPro so we hit up Mt. Lemmon and the Bug Springs trail. Anytime you do this ride its big, but rolling from home, to Le Buzz, up the Mtn, down the trail, and then back home is big...especially when you have to finish up The Alp de Ridgeside. Its actually a nice neighborhood road with a great bike path along the edge and lots of nice homes. It winds back and forth as you climb a gradual 5% back towards the home on Old Spanish Trail. No matter what kind of ride you did though Ridgeside manages to kick your ass .especially at the end of a 55 mile mtb ride. It was all worth it though...see for yourself! And don't forget to switch to HD!

After the big ride it was a bike build session for the crew and then a delivery trip to the Jeremiah Inn.  Thursday camp started with a good jam session out to Colassal Cave again for a solid 60 miles and Andrea took Mary Ann mountain biking at Fantasy Island.  Friday was another mountain bike session with Andrea, Mary Ann, and Wayne hitting up Fantasy Island again while Tom and I rode the AZ Trail.

Sam & Emily w/ 26 inch wheels!!!
Friday was non-stop action - as soon as camp ended for the day I was off to Trek Bikes of Tucson, Oro Valley for "Meet The Pros Night"  We had an awesome turn out with 30+ loyal TBOT customers and superfans.  Sam Schultz & Emily Batty covered the MTB/Nutrition side of things, while Linsey Corbin talked about Tri's and Training.  I touched a little bit on Cross, Sponsorship, and we tied it all together with how to race "Fast" and a really fun Q & A session with everybody.  It was a blast, but by the time I got home at 11:30pm I was wasted, but not finished yet...still a whole slew of e-mails and files to analyze for my day job at Momentum Endurance!

Saturday was the big day up Mt. Lemmon - one trip up the Mountain and I ended up with 70 miles and 8,000+ feet of climbing going back and forth between the groups.  The girls were joined by Candice from Trek Bike of Tucson and had a blast while the guys were on a mission to make it to the top.  Everyone had fun and we finished the night off with a good dinner at El Charro with guest appearances from a few of the Kenda 5 Hour Pro roadies.
The big climb up Mt. Lemmon

By Sunday morning I was really hurting.  Already 18+ hours on the bikes and another day to go...luckily the gang was feeling it too and we took an easy ride out to the end of Tanque Verde Rd. and finished off with an easy cruise to Le Buzz for some coffee.  The campers took off Sunday, but left me with a slew of work.  Swapping wheels, cleaning bikes, trading pedals, and then boxing them up to ship back t the Motor City.

Taking care of business!
Andrea flew home Monday morning for a job interview so we went for a nice Valentines dinner Sunday night at Zona 78!  Rosco and I have been bachelors for the last 2 days and haven't really accomplished much!  No bikes - 3 movies - On the road to recovery.  This weekend is the big inventory at the shop and then vacation really starts one month later!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New toys!

Having fun w/ the new GoPro Hero2

Friday, February 03, 2012

Work, Riding, & Sponsorship all in one

Again its been pretty busy down here in Tucson!  Time seems like it's flying by and we are still having a blast.  I started working at Trek Bikes of Tucson this past Monday.  Dave and the gang needed a little help with the big end of season inventory and I always need a good deal on big parts!  So its working out good.  I have a 15 mile commute each way.  I love commuting in Tucson when the weather is so nice!  Also at Trek Bikes of Tucson next Friday is a Pros Night w/ Sam Schultz, Emily Batty, Linsey Corbin and myself.  If you are in Tucson and want to party, come on up to the Oro Valley store and say HI!

Ride #1 - The shakedown @ Fantasy Island
Speaking of Trek..the new MTB arrived last week!  As always it is frickin' awesome.  Two rides on the thing and it was dialed and ripping down the mountain!

SOP to swap out to the DT  XR Carbon!  Light & Stiff!

Ride #2 - letting it rip on Bug Springs

In a kind of related subject I'd like to welcome on board my newest sponsor!  BONTRAGER  It works out pretty darn good that my bikes come fully stocked with the Bontrager XXX component group and along with some additional help from Bontrager I will now be racing in the new Oracle helmet and the new super comfy XXX shoes!  Yep thats right...that link was to a road shoes...the new RXL Mtn shoe hasn't even made the website yet, but you can check them out in the photo below.

I gave the road shoes a first go yesterday on Mt. Lemmon.  They were like slippers...ride got cut a little short when we had to come to the rescue of Woody the Owl!  Poor Woody...I hope he is recovering good at the Tucson Wildlife Center.