Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dyin' & Livin'

This week started exactly opposite of what I had hoped.  Last weekend was the big inventory at Trek Bikes of Tucson.  I had hoped to finish up early Sunday evening and then have the next 3 weeks of pure vacation, w/ no camps and no work, to look forward to....

Instead Sunday night after work BAM - it hit me so hard that I didn't know which end was up...especially because it was coming out of both ends.  From 8:00pm after a dinner that obviously didn't stay in me until about 3:00am I had to visit the toilet every 15-20 minutes.

By Monday morning I was smashed...I was stuck in bed all day.  Tuesday I was ready to get out of bed after 36 hours, but it wasn't meant to be....after a weak attempt it was back to bed....I was so dizzy and nauseaus that I couldn't even watch a movie in bed....OUCH I think its the worst I've ever been.  So finally after 60 hours of straight bed time besides 20 or so visits to the toilet I was starting to be back to normal.  Just super weak and about 8 lbs too light.

I was finally back on the bike Thursday for an easy MTB spin at Fantasy Island and then at it for real again w. a nice ride up to Windy Point on Thursday w/ Karew.

Again I hit the wall on the way home....but with plenty of Mexican food in the forecast I was able to overcome the calorie deficit and now I'm back to normal!!!

I'm looking forward to the last 2 weeks in Tucson.  The big 5 Hour Energy pro road team just rolled up to the house!  I'm pretty excited to see what its all about.  It'll be like I'm a roadie for a week long pro team training camp!

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