Friday, February 03, 2012

Work, Riding, & Sponsorship all in one

Again its been pretty busy down here in Tucson!  Time seems like it's flying by and we are still having a blast.  I started working at Trek Bikes of Tucson this past Monday.  Dave and the gang needed a little help with the big end of season inventory and I always need a good deal on big parts!  So its working out good.  I have a 15 mile commute each way.  I love commuting in Tucson when the weather is so nice!  Also at Trek Bikes of Tucson next Friday is a Pros Night w/ Sam Schultz, Emily Batty, Linsey Corbin and myself.  If you are in Tucson and want to party, come on up to the Oro Valley store and say HI!

Ride #1 - The shakedown @ Fantasy Island
Speaking of Trek..the new MTB arrived last week!  As always it is frickin' awesome.  Two rides on the thing and it was dialed and ripping down the mountain!

SOP to swap out to the DT  XR Carbon!  Light & Stiff!

Ride #2 - letting it rip on Bug Springs

In a kind of related subject I'd like to welcome on board my newest sponsor!  BONTRAGER  It works out pretty darn good that my bikes come fully stocked with the Bontrager XXX component group and along with some additional help from Bontrager I will now be racing in the new Oracle helmet and the new super comfy XXX shoes!  Yep thats right...that link was to a road shoes...the new RXL Mtn shoe hasn't even made the website yet, but you can check them out in the photo below.

I gave the road shoes a first go yesterday on Mt. Lemmon.  They were like slippers...ride got cut a little short when we had to come to the rescue of Woody the Owl!  Poor Woody...I hope he is recovering good at the Tucson Wildlife Center.


Anonymous said...

Are you selling last years top fuel full graphics ever on a mtn bike

b-matter said...

who's asking? send me an e-mail

Anonymous said...

what are your favorite tires/tread patterns/width?

is that dt swiss rear shock cable actuated or manual?

very NICE bike!

b-matter said...

the dt swiss has a remote lockout but i don't have one for the new bike yet...the new 2012 Bontrager tires are really really nice! depends on the trail for width and the conditions for pattern!

Anonymous said...

do you use the bontrager triple x wheels year round or do you have a different set of wheels for training?


b-matter said...

yep - XXX wheels all season long!