Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ready - Action

It's been non-stop down here in Tucson, but I'm loving it!!!  When we rolled into town on Day #1 and saw about 50 cyclists on the road you couldn't help but smile.  This town just has a vibe that you can't beat.

A great way to end the day!

Training Camp was awesome and the guys felt the same way.  We hit up some amazing road riding, some mtb riding, and even got to see some of the best sprinters in the country take to the start line of a local crit. 
one of the many scenic roads in Tucson
post ride power analysis

We also had our fair share of local cuisine!

Nothing beats the Cookie Cabin after the giant climb up Mt. Lemmon
All in all the camp was a huge success.  Thanks to the Jeremiah Inn for awesome accomodations and PRO Bikes of Tucson for great service and the rental bikes.

After wrapping up the final details of camp on Monday it was off to the trails again for some fun!  This time Andrea and I joined Bruce from Pro Gold Lubricants for some singletrack shredding!  I didn't have a bike yet so I borrowed Bruce's Niner full suspension.  It was fun, but man I felt like I was on a slow motion downhill bike...26 inch wheels for me please.

Tuesday after camp it was time to make my first journey into town to take care of some business with Trav @ Momentum Endurance headquarters and say Hi to the guys at Trek Bikes of Tucson.  Lucky for me when I walked in the shop they smiled and said they had a brand new Top Fuel in the back!

Wednesday before I could get my bike built up I got a call from Tommy D for a ride.  I was a little nervous at what he meant by a "long" "easy" ride.  With my specific cross training the last 3 months, long for me was about 2 hours.  I really haven't seen Tom since 2002 or 2003 when his mtb career was coming to an end and his road career was taking off.  As juniors on the Devo team we were room mates at some of the races.  It was pretty sweet to catch up on life, reminisce about the old days of mtb'ing and hear some good war stories from the peloton.  Coolest part of the ride though was talking about Christian Vande Velde and our battle at Chequamegon!  At the end of close to 90 miles I was smashed and Tom went out for another 60!  Easy 150 miles???

I've got a few goodies down here that I need to sell.  Check them out and let me know if you might be interested.  The Top Fuel is almost finished...stay tuned for pictures!

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DMC said...

Life down in AZ looks to be good. Love the easy ride..