Saturday, January 13, 2007


Not the new TV station that isn't going to cover the Giro, the Vuelta, or the Tour...not the TV station that shows lots of Bull Riding or an occasional hockey game.

I'm talking about -VS- like

Ali -vs- Frasier
Packers -vs- Bears
Husband -vs- Wife
Michigan -vs- Ohio St
East Coast -vs- West Coast

and of course Old School -vs- New School

here it is...

Old School:

My First Race!

1993 Garland Hammer
11th place beginner 18 & under
Haro Impulse w/ Triple Triangle Technology & a Rock Shox Mag 21...sweet neon matching helmet, white cotton knee high socks and a white tee shirt!


New School:

2007 Top Fuel 9.9 w/ new XTR

Can you say sweet! 22lbs out of the box! I am pumped and needless to say today I am not going old school...Elite 9.9 Hardtail should be here next week! Heading to Madison for Trek University Mon & Tues...also should be sweet...


Kudo_Kenshin said...

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Biwan said...

Think about the weight you'll save when you shave the little bit of Front Der., or does it not have it?!

Anonymous said...

no front der shaving this year biwan...

cjsbike said...

I remember the Garland Hammer! And it was a hammer. The course across the road was the best, kind of like 9 Mile course, beat the #$&% out of you. Then there was the new course on the resort side of the road, awesome single track and climbing.



Mike said...

You should at least ressurect the athletic sox..