Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Bay

Another WORS race in the books this past weekend. This one was held near the new ZOO in Green Bay. Andrea decided to take the weekend off so I hit the road with the next best thing!

Although many people thought it was Andrea and was actually Elicia. We rolled in to the last parking lot on the road. I think it was 2 miles from registration. Got suited up and discovered the course was being run backwards....Oops I was really hoping for the flat long lead out. Instead we
started off right through the mud and my lack of warm up had me suffering from the start. Guerra was using his Jedi Knight skills to rip the singletrack. Half way through the lap a group of 6 was established. I was getting gapped out of each singletrack section, but it was ok because the pace was pertty herky jerky. I would easily close the gap going in to the next section. Starting lap 2 I had to test the legs a little...I was feeling stale and didn't really want to sit on the entire race. I went hard for about 10 minutes and the only thing I accomplished besides making the group 5 strong was almost getting dropped when Nathan finally came around me. It took me a good 20 minutes to recover. Mike Anderson lasted a little longer but was gone in the middle of the race.
Starting lap 3 I was feeling a little better but also feeling the legs startin
g to twinge. Tristan drilled it the entire lap...dropped Nathan and then there was three. I was suffering, but feeling better and better. Tristan finally snapped the elastic with 2 miles to go. We went into the singletrack behind some lapped riders and D.B. hit the brakes and made a full recovery before the final sprint. I made a rookie mistake....didn't even know where the finish line was so my sprint was half hearted and crampy.

I was hoping this guy was going to bring me good luck...I found him in my shoe the morning of the race.....I cried like a baby...Andrea saved me.

Another WORS race this weekend in Alterra.

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