Thursday, September 16, 2010


Treadfest has come and was a strange race for me. I had a horrible ride on Saturday for a warm up. I figured I better warm up extra good on Sunday morning before the race, but again I felt horrible. Uh oh - 5 minutes into the race the leaders were gone. The top ten was out of sight, but then something clicked.

I ripped a corner. I nailed a line. The Top Fuel started performing like the trail was nobodies business. I was racing on sweet trails. I started passing guys, and the faster I rode the smoother I felt. I caught the chase group of Eppen, McCartney, and Adv. 212. 3/4 of the way through the 1st lap. I was back in the game.

We started lap 2 and it was me and McCartney. He killed it up the climb and gapped me a little at the very top, but I knew I would catch him in the singletrack. I did and I followed him for a 1/4 lap. It was like doing intervals....not fun ones. He would struggle in the singletrack, but then crush it like it was his last race ever when he got out into the open. I finally passed him and one corner later he was gone. Each lap I put about 30 seconds on him and he would have no problem closing that gap on the
start climb!

He was strong, but his skills were rough. I love it when you can beat someone in a race because your skills are better than theirs! I heard he crashed on the last lap rock section and lost about 1/2 of each of his 4 front teeth????

I finished about 2 minutes down on Tristan, but had to have lost at least half of that in the first lap when I was still sleeping. The mental motivation was lacking, but with Chequamegon this weekend it back. I had a killer workout yesterday. The bike got a few upgrades and is ready to rock. Tomorrow morning we load up the Hyundai and head north! I wonder if the leaves are changing colors yet? I also wonder what Doug's thinking? How did he win by 8 minutes in 03? It was also 03 that Tristan last won a triple crown event? I'm pumped!

After Chequamegon, its full on CX season with only one mtb race left this year...Iceman. The cross bikes are dialed. I have ridden both of them....the mud tires and glued and mounted. The dry tires are glued and will be mounted by Sunday evening. Just got the last pieces of the puzzle today. Some new Bontrager Evoke saddles. Hats off to Bontrager for making some huge improvements in the saddle department. Andrea loves her new Affinity RXL WSD!

ps. Testing out some new J-Tree Embrocation and healing cream!!! Stay Tuned

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claire said...

I think McCartney pulled through after his crash - he took 18th today at Road Nationals, ahead of Levi Leipheimer, among others.

Nice job at Chequamegon yesterday!!