Monday, July 04, 2011


My firework show is over! 2 days of solo back to back 20 mph 100 mile 5 hours rides. I finished the week w/ 23 hours and 435 miles. Today I will be a dud! I watched the Tour this morning and have a movie to watch for tonight. I am going to be the best guy in the world at recovering today. A skill I have honed over the years! It makes it a little easier that Andrea is out of town in Cali visiting her sister!

Three months of official base training are in the books. It was a super solid effort and I'm really happy with the way things went. I mixed in 5 mtb races and jumped in one road race for some fast miles. I did 2 days of tempo riding early in the week of Junior MTB Camp because I wanted to get the KJ's up a little. This final week of training came directly after the Subaru Cup so the fatigue is very high right now. I am pretty excited to get a good week of rest now and let the body adapt. Next up will be some work trying to boost the LT and keep ramping up towards a strong fall campaign. Although I am seriously considering just riding base miles all season long because I feel really good and am racing pretty fast. I wonder what it would be like to do no intervals at all during training and only race at high intensity???

Andrea's new Top Fuel is here! I'm hoping to build it up while she is gone so we can go do some more riding like this!


BrAdLaKo said... looks so perfect!

Karew said...

Matter - I rarely do intervals, but I like doing group rides. Between racing and group rides, I think the intensity takes care of itself. Seems to work for me, but everyone is different.