Monday, October 01, 2012

New England Cross

Just home from a successful trip to the East Coast.  I was born in Boston so its always cool to go back and check it out a bit.  Gloucester has to be one of the best longest running cross races in the US and I was happy to go out and do battle this year.

With the extra support from all my great sponsors I was able to travel to this race like a true pro.  My bikes and gear was loaded up Wed and my new mechanic Krazy Karl (also our mechanic for two 24 hour natinoal championship mtb victories) made the long drive out.  He picked me up Friday at the Boston airport and an hour later we were checking into the Inn Magnolia right on the Ocean.  Total New England style complete with a Dunkin Donuts right across the street.

It was so nice to be able to cruise to the airport, go through check in, and cruise off the plane without worrying about checked luggage our bikes.  This time I really lucked out.  I feel very fortunate, but I also feel like a lot of hard work has been done the last few years and it is rewarding to get the first class treatment.  At the race we were styling underneath a 8' x 8' Bontrager pop up tent and the bikes were shining after every lap thanks to Pro Gold Blast Off degreaser and lube.

We found a pretty cool restaraunt to calorie load in the night before the race.  The Cape Anne Brewery makes a mean burger!

Saturday I finished 9th another solid day for a C1 race.  After Madison I had a cold and was lucky to kick it quickly enough to come back and race fast.  I had a great start which helped a ton, but the lack of riding while fighting the cold had my legs not quite as sharp as the week prior.  One of these races I'll have great legs and a great start!

Day 2 was the first test in the mud.  My biggest problem was my brake pads.  One bike was great, the other not so great.  I started on the bike that was not so great and I lost a lot of time on the first 1.5 laps before I made it through the pits.  Good news though is once I got going I made up some serious ground.  From the 30's up to a 14th place finish.  Karl and I made some good progress working together and I know my fitness is there.

Time for a break after 8 weekends in a row of racing...

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