Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 10's

red shoes rule!
Another weekend of racing in the books!  This time it was the big one.  The preview of the Louisville UCI World Championship race course.  The 3rd stop of the USGP.  I've always had a good time going down to Louisville and racing and this was no exception.

After a hard week of training in Athens at mom and dad's house I was back on the road again.  I Friday afternoon just in time to get in a good preview of the course.  After a nice dinner and some Graeters Ice Cream it was back to the hotel for a long night of no sleep.  Not sure what the deal was...but maybe I was just pumped to race...or too much Ice Cream.

Day 1 was a world of pain.  I dangled off the back of the lead group for way too long.  I was suffering, I wasn't comfortable at all, my HR was pegged, I couldn't see straight, my legs burned....yeah it was one of those races, but somehow after a mediocre start in about 15th after the first sandpit I moved up throughout the race and finished with a strong attack on Allen Krughoff from Boulder to finish 8th.

Day 2 was totally opposite.  I felt great, MY HR was mcuh lower, I was recovering, I felt smooth in the technical stuff, but I finished 9th.  At one point I actually bridged across to the lead group and was more than comfortable sitting there, but then I slight slip on an uphill off camber and I hooked my bars on the fence and came to a stop.  I went from a pretty comfy spot in the top 6 guys to chasing back on to the group of 5th - 12th.  The last three laps I was still pretty good with the main moves being made in the long uphill sand pit.  I ended up passing Summerhill with 1/4 lap to go in the sand and then sprinting with Zach for 8th.  Zach was first on the pavement and first across the line so I finished 9th.  For the legs and the feelings I had I felt I let an opportunity slip away.  More motivation for this weekend at Jingle Cross!

  Time to go rake some leaves!  Before Iceman we scraped, sanded and painted our garage and I went pretty good!  So I'm thinking working around the house good for the form....Andrea might like this new training plan!

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