Monday, January 07, 2013

Relaxed New Year & CCC

Welcome to 2013!  We rang in the New Year like most with Dick Clark in Times Square.  It was pretty sweet this time around watching it on the 13" tv up at the Cabin in Eagle River!  I remember many many year watching Dick Clark over at Andy's house in the old neighborhood!  I think I'm getting old now though....I was watching Justin Beiber and The Wanted and I thought they were aweful.  I laughed a little when Pitbull came on, but it was definitely the best when they showed highlights of Madonna, Donna Summer and M.J. rockin' old school w/ Dick Clark.
first ski in 3 years

We spent the weekend pretty low key up in the River.  I left the bikes at home and brought the XC ski's and the winter boots for some skating and a rocky style run through some deep snow...I think it did the trick because I raced alright this past weekend at the NYR in Chicago.

I had the best CX Superfans of the weekend!
Day 1 I wasn't sure what to had been a while since I last raced.  I had been training in a 2 square mile radius area and was getting over a head cold for most of the 2 weeks after North Carolina.  I did a short warm up with no real effort to save all my energy for the race itself.  Unfortunately I didn't have the legs I had the year before, but I wasn't really expecting to either.  I had some issues in the first 2 laps and fell as far back as 15th place, but once I got things square I was ready to start moving forward and finished 8th.

Hoping to battle with this crew again next weekend.
Day 2 was much better.  I was still pretty relaxed about things.  No structured warm up, just out testing tires and tire pressure.  I fought my way to the lead group and then was pretty much there the rest of the race.  Marion and Driscoll rolled off as we were playing cat and mouse and we never saw them again.  With 2 to go Tim J blasted an attack and I responded, but it was 1% more than I could handle.  I ended up riding w/ Yannick as Page and Johnson took 6 seconds out of us per lap in the last 2 ronde's.  I had just enough left in the tank to hold a 2-3 seconds gap over Yannick to the finish line for a top 5.

Final recap of 2012.  WORS Champ & Podium at all 3 Triple Crowns.  Solid CX results all season long.  10,350 miles on the bikes 645 hours.  Lots of travel and lots of fun!  Can't wait to have another great season in 2013...things started good in Chicago...hopefully the trend continues in Madison next weekend!

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