Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I am Golden. My bikes are dialed. I am hanging in California in a really nice place. San Luis Obispo to be exact. Thursday we will drive north 3 hours and be ready for the first big race of the year. The Sea Otter Classic. It's been since 2002 since I have raced the Sea Otter and thanks to my good buddy Doug Swanson I have the results that say (at least in my book) I had a pretty good outing at the last go.

 This year I am not sure exactly where I will stack up, but I am confident heading into the race that my equipment is the best and I am well trained. In fact maybe a little too well trained! Last week I finished up the last of the first month of base miles with a huge week on the bike. Most of it was spent on the new MTB's getting familiar with the big wheels and the last two days were amidst traveling to CA.

Last Tuesday I did a killer ride on the new SF100. I road up Reddington Rd, up the AZ Trail, up the Back Side of Mt. Lemmon to Bug Springs and then down all the way home. I was pretty impressed with the 29er's ability to descend...and maybe more impressed with its ability to bulldoze over rocks. I struggled on the steep stuff with step ups as my timing with my pedal stroke and the big wheels was a little off....working on that...

 Wed I went really really big with my first ride on the Superfly hard tail. Up Mt. Lemmon then down the back side dirt road to the Circle K in Oracle...then a 'U' turn and back up the dirt road to the top of Lemmon again. 13,000+ feet of climbibng in 8.5 hours and 125 miles.

Thursday was the last day in Tucson and I did Bug Springs one last time...its the best trail in Tucson! The desert was beautiful with all the cactus in full bloom!

 Friday we drove to Indian Wells to see Andrea's sister Carrie. Saturday morning I studied up some Strava segments and put together a pretty good route with over 5,000 ft of climbing. I was pretty impressed with the area....but the place is a little pricey for my wallet! After Saturdays ride we finished up the drive to our destination of San Luis Obispo...en route we found some of the best Mexican food I have ever eaten in Santa Barbara...Taqueria Cuernavaca! So Authentic and So Good!  


Sunday I was pretty tired, but the life of the Pacific Ocean gave me enough energy to finish up one last 4.5 hour ride up the PCH to Cambria and then up Santa Rosa Creek Rd....I think they were or did use this road in the Tour of California one year....pretty sweet climb that just got steeper and steeper.

 All in all it was a pretty awesome week! 36,250 feet of climbing, 400 miles, and 26 hours. I was pretty good until I took a day off the bike yesterday and now today I'm finally smashed! Time to rest up for Sea Otter!  Oscor is a great travel partner and is adapting to all his new surroundings like a champ! 

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DMC said...

That is a ton of riding that you got in.. Don't come home..