Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mud Fund = Dry & Fast

Another year of the Derby City Cup is in the record books.  This year was not quite as good as last, but I'll take it for my first "real" cross weekend of the year.

I went to China and raced cross, but it was more for the experience.  I raced the first WCA but it was more to test the bikes that weren't quite ready.  I raced Boulder, but I was pretty blown out.  I raced another WCA but again more of a warm up for the next days WORS race. 

Basically saying that I wasn't mentally ready for the battle in any of these previous races.  Louisville however it was game on.  I had all my equipment dialed.  My new HED Ardennes wheelsets had just arrived and I was prepared for all conditions w/ the three different tire options(files, mediums, mudders).  My bikes were dialed in as identical as they have been all season and my form and confidence were pretty high after Iceman!
All 4 HED wheelsets ready to rock!
We rolled down to Louisville in style too!  Thanks to ShareCare Cycling Team for loaning us their Sprinter Van for the weekend.  The van is setup pretty sweet.  Reclining leather seats, TV, Cooler, definitely the most plush set up I have experienced...kinda like flying first class!

 Unfortunately we got caught up in a little traffic on the drive down and lost a little daylight Friday night so the pre-ride was cut pretty short.  13 minutes total to be exact, but I could tell the legs were good!

Saturday morning we took a spin over to the course to check out some lines, say hi to some friends, and pick up the numbers.  Then according to Louisville Standard Operating Procedure we were off to Panera for some lunch and then it was go time.

I was called up in row 2.  I lined up behind Ben Berden, but was instantly swarmed and felt like I was pretty deep coming off of the pavement.  Every move I made seemed to get shut down, so instead of wasting energy I stayed patient.  Things finally started opening up and then I started a long mission to make it back up to the top 10.  Tristan was on the same mission just a few spots behind me and when he caught me with 2 or 3 to go I was pumped we could work together.  He pulled for a lap and when I came through he couldn't hold my wheel.  I went by him and proceeded to catch a group of Zach McD and Jeremy Durrin on the last lap to secure 10th.  Felt great and moved forward the entire race...wish I could have started a little better.

Saturday night was more tradition....Spinellis' Pizzeria...and this photo says it all!  Pretty cool place and great Pizza!

Sunday was more of the same....the start was a little better, but not good enough.  I was in the second big group and it seemed like it was more of a drafting race.  Lindine had a problem and came out of the pits and joined our group.  I was pumped to work with him and keep moving forward but shortly after Mith Hoke bobbled the blinding off camber and I proceeded to battle ram the back of only comically got worse from there in the next 12.5 seconds for me and then group was completely gone.  Lindine ended up 10th...I 18th.  In no mans land....caught 2 guys in the last few laps but never close to the back of the group.  I was disappointed.
Good off the pavement on day 2...but still missed the split

Luckily I get to go again this weekend at Jingle Cross!  I'm loving the new bikes, I'm loving the disc brakes....and it looks like mud this weekend to really give them a good test!

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