Thursday, December 12, 2013


Been a little while since I've updated the blog.  Its been cold!  Too cold to blog?  Not really, but I'll go with that excuse for now.  I'm currently in Athens, OH at Mom and Dad's house half way down to the NCCX.

I'm pretty pumped because its twice as warm here as in Sheboygan.  Its 4 home and 11 here!  Woohoo.   Needless to say I'm getting pretty excited to be headed to Tucson soon.  The race in Hendersonville will be the last of the 2013 season....unless I just happen to squeeze in one more in Chicago on the 21st of Dec.

2 mile run!
First though...a recap of a bunch of local races.  It started with the Turkey Trot!  A few days after Jingle Cross and I was pretty smashed still.  Very little motivation to go training in frigid temps.  So I laced up the tennies at went for a 1.25 miles run.  Figured if I could do that I could do the Turkey Trot!  Mission Accomplished!  2 miles in and feeling good about eating lots of food and watching football the rest of the day!  Too bad the Packers stunk.  I finished up the day with a sweet night ride 'The Turkey Hurl' in super slippery conditions working on the skills.

By the time Saturday rolled around I got motivated!  Who knows why but I went with it....3 hours of jamming all within 4 miles of home?  Again who knows why?  But it was fun...

After watching the video again I realized that it was Saturdays morning viewing of the Koksijde WC that got me motivated!

Sunday I did the first of three local races.  Isaac Neff proceeded to smash me at the Booty Cross in Madison, maybe I was tired from the 3 hour jam session, maybe I wasn't 100% motivated, but it didn't really make a difference.  Even if I was on my A game the day belonged to Isaac.
Norge Ski Jump in Background

The next weekend was the Norge CX down in IL.  What an awesome course!  It was a little warmer too which helped.  Technical, Off-Camber, with some good climbs and some good descents.  Reminded me of a course you would find in Belgium.  I scored the W.

The motivation from the W set me up for one good training day and just enough fitness to grab a little revenge.  Isaac and I battled it out again at the State CX Championship this past weekend in brutally cold conditions and with 1/4 lap to go I attacked him on an off camber descent just before a tricky corner and the only climb on the course.  It was just enough to get a 2 seconds gap and hold it till the finish.  I think it was my first State CX title in WI!
Early in the race trading pulls with Isaac.  Must have been the bikes!

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