Friday, January 10, 2014

Back in the Desert Again

Well we made it....Happy New Year

The driving has been epic lately.  I think I spent over 70 hours or 5,000 + miles in the car between leaving for the last race of the season in NC and arriving in Tucson.  That's a lot of miles in a 3 week time frame...I might even be qualified to drive a big rig after that amount of hauling.

So - CX Nationals is this weekend....and I'm not going to be there.  I'm a little bummed but at the same time when I look back at the weather conditions in WI from mid Nov - mid Dec I am not surprised.  It was hard to even train thru to the North Carolina race.  Add in the holidays and the time spent traveling and starting my season earlier than normal there was no way I was going to be prepared to have a good go.

Now that I'm hear in Tucson where its 70 and sunny every day I'm pretty OK with it.  I hear the weather in Boulder is pretty rough from snow and frozen mud ruts to gail winds.

I'm totally ready for a break and I definitely found my Remedy for the bad weather!!!

So far so its pretty awesome!  I've just been on a few (4) very low key rides to get the feel of her.  First Impressions....650b wheels are definitely for me, for a 140mm trail bike it climbs like a dream, super stable at high speeds, and again the dropper seat post is a must!  Really looking forward to some more time.
Rock Shox Reverb Stealth edition
Great Platform for Climbing

The Perfect Wheel Size?

So far we've hit Fantasy Island, AZ Trail, Bug Springs/Prison Camp, and even discovered a new loop at the Como Trails...check it out

Next up maybe a trip up to Phoenix area for the McDowell Meltdown, some rest, some relaxation, and a little cross training...oh yeah and of course more fun sweet mtb rides on the Remedy!

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