Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Athens, OH

We made the drive in record breaking time...8 hours 45's all about Chicago and at 7:00am Christmas morning you can cruise through the windy city pretty fast.

We made it to Athens Christmas night in time for an awesome ham dinner, opening of some presents and some NFL football. Tuesday we spent the day exchanging some gifts, buying a dvd burner for dad's computer and installing it, making homemade pizza, and going to the movies. We saw A Night at the Museum w/ Ben was pretty good.

Today we went for a sweet ride on the ridges (check out that climb behind me dropped into town to say Hi to the guys at, and cruise the cobbled streets of downtown Athens. In the afternoon we went for an amazing hike at Old Man's Cave. It's just outside of Athens in Logan and it is pretty cool. We took tons of pictures, but they don't do justice.

We went to the Rio Grande for some mexican food that was muy bien, and just finished watching Ricky Bobby Go Fast! Speaking of Go Fast it's already time to go home tomorrow. Another long drive and then back to reality in Sheboygan...more pictures to come when I get back to Bike N Ski.

ps...the Oakley flannel "fits in" as good in Athens as in Eagle River!!! My favorite picture of the vacation.