Thursday, December 14, 2006

CX Nationals Predictions

2004 Collegiate Nationals

The big weekend is upon us....I am predicting this is the biggest cycling event of the year in the United States. Cross is awesome, cross is growing, cross is huge, cross is muddy, cross is painful, and cross can be very cold. However this weekends weather in RI looks to be a little dissapointing for harsh cross conditions.

Quick note...I'm at work...when I order from QBP I always ask the sales rep about Jeff Hall...then I ask him to tell Jeff he will be in a world of pain next time I see him...todays sales rep just told me Jeff rides all night long...i told him that is why jeff beats my every once in a while...i think the sales rep thought i was crazy...i think it is pretty amusing!

Back to cross....

I'm slightly bummed that I'm not going, but at the same time I am happy I didn't have to train for the last month when there was 8 inches of snow on the ground. Instead I will spend the weekend in Eagle River and on the way home stop by Lambeau Field and watch Brett throw some lasers.
Predictions for the 2006 CX Nationals
1. Ryan Trebon
2. Barry Wicks
3. Tim Johnson
4. Jeremy Powers
5. Todd Wells
6. Tristan Schouten (needs to be muddy to crack the top 5)(I hope he proves me wrong)
7. Mark McCormack
8. Matt White
9. Erik Tonkin
10. Jonathan Page
18. Doug Swanson (I hope he proves me wrong)
Last time I was at Nationals...I was 30th starting from the back...