Monday, September 24, 2007


It was a tough race for me mentally. After the big mental prep for Chequamegon I hadn't even thought about Iola until I got in the car to drive there...that's not the way to win races...

Earlier in the season I completed the same course 3:30 minutes faster...I don't think it has anything to do with fitness....

Next up is Sheboygan...a race I have wanted to win for some time now....I have been close many times, maybe this can be the year...especillay now that Darkness is clouding my 2nd place overall finish.

Next up for me is trip over to the southern kettles for Fall Color Fest w/ Andrea on saturday and the first WCA cross race of the year on sunday.

Thanks again to Rusty....he is really the man for hanging out every other Sunday and snapping hundreds of photos. The picture of Sue Juedes on the WORS board is pretty sweet lookin...check it out...->

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rusty wrycza said...

SpudFest was FAST - my el-cheapo / e Bay'ed reflector panels; why didn't I do this years ago? More to come @ Sheboygan - da equalizer rocks!
so that's who #213 is... Sue J. - thanks -