Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fat Tire Time

A quick History of my Chequamegon

2003 3rd place...blown out of the water by Swanson! Happy to be on the podium!

2004 1st place! How did I beat Tilford when he was so far ahead of me in this picture.

2005 7th place - The Tandem - The Train - The Pain

2006 4th Place - I was really bummed to miss the podium after Jeff rode away from us at the end.



Anonymous said...

You know dam well how you got around him at the end. Say it.....Go on...... 25PSI vs the 70psi to drop them all coming into the last 39 miles....

Karew said...

Kill 'em All.

You can do it!!!

May the Force be with You!