Friday, December 28, 2007


2007 is almost I begin to make plans for the 2008 season I have to look back one last time....the reason why you ask? Everyone knows the results....I reflect back every season to determine what went wrong....when I trained too much when I trained too litte. When I raced too much and when I didn't race enough. Most importantly in my opinion is the race that got away that will give me motivation for the entire year. This year I can think of 2.....Sheboygan WORS and Chequamegon. Two races that I had the fitness to win, but for different reasons I didn't make the top step of the podium. I will use that knowledge to fuel the fire for motivation and those races next season. I already used the fire from Sheboygan to win the Iceman, but losing that race will motivate me for a long time to come. Every year it seems there is a race that gets away....back in 98 I was winning Iceman attacked off the front. but I was young....I was afraid to be winning...I backed off then finished 4th in a 5 man 2003 I was attacking in Iceman and broke a chain...Tristan ended up winning...I used the fire to come back and win in 2004. Another race that really gets me is my 2nd place at the Road State Championships 3 or 4 years ago. I was in a group of 3 made a tactical error and lost the sprint by a mm. I need something to motivate me as this will be my 15th season racing.

2007 was a great season and I feel I am getting faster and steps in the right direction. Triple Crown races - 2nd - 2nd - 1st. 4 out of 5 WCA CX wins. 2 out of 3 WORS Marathon Wins.

2008 will be another exciting year. I am going to put more of a focus on the CX scene and hopefully go race some cross in looks too fun to pass on and I'm not getting any younger. A little less on the WORS scene and a little more training. A month long training camp in Tucson is in the making for the month of March. Hopefully a little more action on the road early on...maybe a Tour of the Gila or some longer road races.

With a new team sponsorship I am very excited about 2008....Happy New Year

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