Monday, December 03, 2007

Silver Bells

State CX Championships -

Hales Corner, WI -

Snow, Mud, Rain, Wind -

What more could you want for the CX Grand finale in WI? I could have asked for a little more power in the legs, but it didn't happen. I was going for the 3-peat, but Marko rode away from me on Lap 1. Starting lap 2 he had about a 10 second gap. I started taking some risks on the corners and went down. Lap 4 I went down again really hard on the pavement, but by then Marko was long gone. I finished off the last 2 laps with the super fans cheering me on to a Silver medal. I had some bad dreams last night from the super fans screams "Mario" "Frenchie" "Mustache Ride?"

I even grew a Mustache before the race in a feeble attempt to intimidate the obviously didn't work so i shaved it off last night....the mullet will follow soon....

Andrea raced her first Pro Womens cross race on the Merlin....I think the wide mtb tires were slow in the mud....I even think the XL 34c Hutchinson's on my XO2 were pretty wide....she needed a few Sparks hand ups...but she finished.

Elicia had a solid ride in her first sloppy CX race finishing with a Bronze Medal while out for E- in Kansas!


eppen said...

Nice job on the moustache!!Mine came off within 4 hours of the jingle cross. Still have the mullet, but I think it's time for a change in that area too. Congrats on a great season, adn look for us at the WORS races again next season.

matter said...

it was just for you eppen!

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bmatter said...

I guess that guy thought I was a Frenchy too!

blissontwowheels said...

the stache is fantastic!