Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anodized Archives

That's Me! Merlin Ti 1995

And that's my ride from 1996


Sarah Lukas said...

frickin sweet

sitting in a bar in hollywood now... said...

dude... you are totally suffering up cannonsburg with a t-shirt on and your dads pearl izumi shorts that he let you use for the race... and that ellsworth shot totally showcases nick schram's back yard... so many memories!!

Anonymous said...

... and you can just barely make out the hot tub where we learned to "z the p"

Russell said...

Blue Ringle', Blue Cooks Bros Racing - man you had it goin' on!

the michigan scene said...

NICE. anno parts and Cannonsbugs death march. gotta love the mid 90's!

cjs said...

I forgot those shorts were your dad's!

That hill was a death march especially when we had to climb it 5 or 6 times in the elite race!

Mullets and purple annodized parts!

Those were the days!

What ever happened to Retro Ranch?