Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving



I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. Just in time for the holiday season here is the secret new bike set-up! Peace on Earth! Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, and Let it get muddy in IOWA!

How's that for old school? ~Ringle~


cjsbike said...

Sweet old school parts!

Now you need to add a Ringle Moby post, skewers, and cages! Make sure it they are some hideous annodized color!

Have a cross'n good time!


Marc H said...

j-cross... get lalondes there.

Anonymous said...

No Show at the Turkey trot? Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

dude, i totally think those are mine and i left them in your van after the summer vermont trip in 97... yeah, im sure of it now, and i think i have an old bottom bracket for your haro impulse in my toolbox... happy thanksgiving, and GO LIONS (little late, i know) but whats the deal? you live in wisconson for a few years and you forget your detroit roots??

Anonymous said...

I think that's cause the bears suck and just got old skooled themselves

Anonymous said... LIONS