Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rain and 40

It's Good when the guys from the Midwest can get a little love. I have raced all over the country and the Midwest Talent Pool is huge and the respect is pretty much zero. Major props have to go out to Don and the Triple Crown race promoters.

For more Iceman stuff you can check out the video of the race here or some official race photos at David Ditzler Photos.

Doesn't that set up look crazy? After riding that 29" front wheel I'm not sure if I will be able to go back to a 26"???? At least I won't have to worry about it for a while because it's back to cross for the rest of the season. Here is a picture of the ride....

Cross practice in Sheboygan has been going strong every Thursday. We moved the time back to 3:30 PM now that it is getting dark earlier. This past week was another classic. Bill "Street Player" flats within .5 seconds of dropping in to Vollrath Park. It gets dark way to fast and we only bust out 5 or 6 laps of a really good course. After it is too dark to see we decide to do some sprints across the bottom of the park. After a few it was again too dark to see so we drop the bikes and do some hill sprints on foot. After 2 sprints up the hill Bill "the Puker" Street was at it again....mumbling something about a cheeseburger in between heaves. The first time I met Street he was spewing in here.

It was as classic as the bunny hop session at Evergreen Park last year when Bill "Air" Street continually punded his shoulder/bike/head into the ground and released "HuuuH" after "Huuh" when trying to clear the 12" barriers.

Tomorrow is Sun Prairie Cross. We'll see what happens. I put some new brakes on the rear in case it gets muddy. With a lot of time off the bike this week I was able to clear out the closets and put some stuff for SALE.

Time to go get in a warm up ride....Rain and 40...perfect for Cyclocross!


cjsbike said...

Go with the big hoops!

A Superfly has your name on it for 2008!

-Chad "Big Wheel" Schut

Anonymous said...

What's up with getting rid of all the good winter wear? New team?

Anonymous said...

you NEED to post a pic of the bike, looks ace.