Monday, November 05, 2007

Secret Training

I couldn't decide what to do over the weekend...race? rest? train?

I opted for the combo of rest and train then Andrea and I drove north until we could find next weekends race conditions. Found some cool MTB trails to ride.

Then Sunday morning with fresh snow on the ground did some super secret intervals guaranteed to make you go fast. The workout comes from the Jon Mesko - "Two Week Get Fast Training Program" It was 30 degrees and heavy snow fall when I set off for Interval #1. By the end of the one hour workout I was frozen and really wet. A good prep of how to dress for the Iceman although is showing a mild weather forecast.

The drive home was spent listening to the Packers pull off another victory. Steelers on MNF!


Echelon said...

nice! maybe we'll get some snow for iceman. see you this weekend.

Karew said...

I can't wait to see the Lions gobble up Farve and the Packers on Turkey Day!

Kitna for President!

Good luck at Iceman.


b-matter said...


Your just lucky Lions don't face up to the Steelers this season. Did you see those old school jerseys last night....Big Ben for Pres!