Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to the Big Show

It's been a while since my last trip to a "big" race.... It was good to see some old friends, go to a new place, and get in some fast racing....

I'm sure by now everyone knows the results....29th on Sat and 30th on Sun. Nothing spectacular, but not bad starting from the smoking section. Here are a few sweet photos that my mom and dad took during Sundays race.

A Run Up

Chasing Tonkin up the Green Monster

Race Notables: I was close to Best of the Rest both days. I moved up 30 positions on Sunday. Most Aggresive rider was awarded to Canadian X Doper Chris Sheppard who moved up 15 positions. Fellow Wisco racer Bjorn Selander moved up 47 spots to finish in the top 20 and 4th in the U-23 categoory. Tristan passed up Doug in the ranks and gained the title of the Prairie Schooner. He was also referrenced as the KOM....but I'm not so sure about that one???

Racing is hard work so we had to balance the weekend by having some fun...and LOU-VULL is a great place to do just that...

Home of the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory

Home of Cassius Clay

Home of the Churchill Downs Museum & the Kentucky Derby

Then I saw "IT"....and the rest of the weekend I was thinking about this...

Thanks to all the sponsors, props to Jason from Crank Brothers who was out there ripping it up and had a great ride on Sunday, Thanks to BOB from Planet Bike, and Mom & Dad for driving 4 hours to watch the race.

Ya'll come back now.

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Sarah Lukas said...

saweet! Awesome job. I'm bummed I couldn't race that weekend, it looked awesome.

It must've been kinda fast. Is that wicks or trabone passing you?