Monday, October 22, 2007

What's Next?

Belt Buckle's for prizes.....what's next cut off blue jean shorts, wife beater, mesh hat, flannel jacket, maybe some camo or blaze orange?....gotta love Wisco!

The Gibbs Lake Showdown went down on Sunday. It was funny because at the WORS banquet Jesse and I were both hoping for a little more competition at the race on Sunday. Cole House and Eric Marcotte showed up and then we both wished it could have been a little more low key....I was blown out from Saturdays race and then the drive to the banquet. It's hard work being famous.

Did you know Jesse is also a world renown Yoga Master?

The course at Gibbs Lake was a little more hard packed and had a few more corners than the Trash race. I wanted to have a good start and not go so fast through the barriers. Cole took the wholeshot prime and a half lap later I could tell he didn't have it. Kyle Jacobson then took a flyer and I let the gap go hoping Cole would close it....I put in the first big effort to drop Cole and the rest of the field and only Jesse could hold my wheel. A lap later Kyle was gone and it was down to Jesse and I. I did my fair share of work and was starting to feel the pain. With 2 to go I let Jesse go by....Jesse said he was spent...but he still went pretty hard. On the last lap I attacked up the climb and only got a small was closed on the descent. Around the last few corners I punched it and thought I had the race won....then ding ding ding...last lap bell???? WTF??? I was maxed and didn't want to go around again, but I couldn't stop...I looked back to see what Jesse thought and he kept pedaling...I had a gap a so I put my head down grit my teeth and put it down for another 7 minutes...ouch....but got the victory!

I caught a ride back to Sheboygan with Chris Zugel. Thanks Chris. I was dropped off at the In-Laws just in time for dinner...I love when that happens. Andrea and Rosco were there and brought me the rest of the way home. It was almost the perfect weekend...then the Steelers lost on a last second field goal and the Indians squandered a 3-1 series lead. Oh least I got the double.

Thanks to all the sponsors and special thanks to Elicia who cooked up some good food and gave me a place to sleep in Madison. Also busted out a 6th place in the PRO 123 women on SAT and 4th in the PRO 123 women Sunday.

What I learned this weekend: Racing is really fun. Cyclocross double headers with lack of sleep are really painful. Car pooling can save you a ton of gas and $...especially if at the end of the weekend you don't have a car and you have to ride your bike everywhere. Hanging out with family and friends is the best....even if they are a little strange!

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