Monday, November 26, 2007

From The Rear

Starting in the rear is not that cool. I guess the main reason I went to Iowa is so I won't have to start in the rear ever again! Mission accomplished in gaining UCI points on both days of racing.

Tristan and I arrived Fri night after scoring some free bread at a Panera like place in Beloit. It was a pretty good score. Saturday morning was breakfast at the Village Inn. Multigrain Banana Pancakes with some fresh Strawberries mmmmm.

My call up was last row....bummer....I actually had a good start in Saturdays race and made it to the top 12 by the end of 1 lap. Unfortunately the lead five were out of sight by the time I made it up the the group. I did all I could to bridge up the Bergman midway through the race. I made contact but went to hard and couldn't hold his wheel. Finished 8th.

Here is a picture of the bike shattering descent that was part of day 1. Day 2's race had us running up the bike shattering descent. I was able to hop the barriers at the bottom and pedal up in the pre-ride, but never attempted to ride in the race because I was in a group of about 6 the majority of the race.

My start on day 2 was horrible and it took me about 2.5 or 3 laps to catch the group of 7th - 12th. I sat on recovered and went by them gapping them over the log barriers but the next long dragstrip I had 6 guys on my wheel into the headwind and I knew I wasn't bridging the huge gap to 6th place. I sprinted for 7th but didn't have the gas after the slow start. Finished 9th.

I was dissapointed that they didn't do call ups different on Sundays race. There was only 4 guys with UCI points and with so many different ability levels in one race they should have gone by UCI points and then results from the previous days racing....with a front row start I think I could have scored a top 5....but oh well.

Highlight of the race: taking money out of Hollywood's rear on the Mt. Krumpet run up.
Quote of the weekend, Marko "You never know where Hollywood's ass has been."
The secret tip of the weekend...Hy-Vee Grocery Store...a great place for breakfast and post race pizza...Mmmmmm


Patricia said...

who's hollywood?

Anonymous said...

"who's hollywood?"

You don't wanna know !

Anonymous said...

You forgot, theres a helpful smile, in every isle...Hy-Vee

If ya want more crazy H-WooD action go here;

Party On, H-WooD
See yas next year!

VolkswagenJingleCrossRock said...

Thanks for coming to the Jingle Cross Rock. You had an awesome weekend.

The call ups for both days in the Elite races was entirely by UCI rules and up to the UCI official. Us race promoters have absolutely no say in it. He went by UCI points as of Friday and then order of registration. With only 4 riders with points, everyone else went by order of registration.

For Sunday, he did the same and used the UCI points as of Friday again without using Saturday's results. It was was his call to use only the points prior to the first day. In the weeks leading to the Jingle Cross, I tried to get people to register as early as possible with every advertising mailing. I hope everyone takes the early registration more seriously next will be open on 8-31(as it was this year).

See you in 2008!

John Meehan
Race Director
The UCI Carousel Volkswagen Jingle Cross Rock