Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Angel Park CX:

Saturday Night 1:00am, after going to bed at 9:00pm, I was up with the head in the toilet...body temp felt like 110 degrees and I was dizzy as can be. Back to bed...

Sunday morning still not feeling the greatest...something wrong with the stomach....lots of trips to el bano. Some pepto bismol and a walk around the hood with Rosco for some fresh air and I was feeling better.

I almost bailed on the race, but I'm glad I didn't....A quick 2 hour drive with lots of blaze orange scenery and we arrived at Angel Park (one of the better WI cx courses).

The parking lot was full of fast racers...I was pumped that some competition showed up from MN and from IA. Maybe it was the $180 First Place prize money.

I took the wholeshot and made it safely around the first lap. K. Refsnider soon took over to set the temp for the next lap or 2....then it was Bergmans turn and the gap opened when Refsnider went down.

I followed Bergman watching his lines and looking for some weakness. Coulnd't find it though and then I almost lost it.... As we were approaching the beer tent we lapped a rider....Bergman went by him pretty close and I think it scared him....the guy started going down and pushed me about 15 feet off of my line and almost took me out as he hit the ground. I thought he was going to lean on me and keep it upright, but he went down and I pulled the sweet save. Soon after Marko took charge.

I followed in 3rd for the next few laps again waiting to make my move but worried I was running out of time.

With 3 to go I went to the front in the technical section and gapped Bergman. It was enough so I continued to accelerate hard out of the corners and ride smooth. I was worried about Marko on the last run up but managed to stay ahead of him.

The last half lap was pretty fast and hard to pass....I kep it upright and came in just ahead of Marko for the win. Next up YMCA Turkey Trot? Jingle Cross? State CX? One day at a time at this point in the season! Thanks to Mad Cross for the photos.


Anonymous said...

When are you going to stop racing ex dopers around for $180 and step up the big game?

Anonymous said...

You know......

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