Thursday, March 20, 2008


We made it to OH! Only to be greeted by rain and flooding! Good thing I brought the rain jacket! With double fenders, double booties, and the double visor we managed two 3 hour days. The first was slightly painful w/ temps in the 40's and a hurling wind. Day 2 was much nicer as the temp increased to the mid 50's and the wind died down. The riding here is still amazing with all the climbing and the endless number of different routes.

After Tuesdays ride we had a homemade pizza and then cruised down to Ohio University for a Bobcats B-Ball game. Just what I needed to get in the mood for March Madness. Gravel Rouser starts's going to be muddy.

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D A N O said...

Yesterday was 48 and sunny back home. Same today, will play hooky from work and ride this aft.

How does Dad like the Madone?