Friday, March 21, 2008

Thunder Bunny

Gravel Rouser 08....Lovin' the Easter Bunny

The 2008 version of the Rouser kicked off last night with the Thunder Bunny Time Trial. A 2.5 mile off road tt that truly tested your handling skills. As I was riding my dads Trek Fuel 98 I realized it was the first time on a mountain bike since 100ft past the finish line of the Iceman. With 2 days of rain and massive flooding in all of Ohio I was ready for a muddy day on the bike. The crew down in Athens does amazing work on there trails and it could have been a lot worse. I was the 2nd rider off and instantly the HR was pegged as I was climbing the muddy switchbacks. The Bontrager Revolts were not the tire of choice, so I dropped the psi to about 20 and started to let 'em rip on the descents. My time was just shy of 15 minutes and it was pretty painful at some points, but I was able to pull out my first win of the season for team Gear Grinder. No new team clothes yet, so I had to go Athens style with the Hunter jersey and the clear Oakley Radar shooting glasses.

Tonight is the Grab & Git...a scavenger hunt around town and inside scoop is that race promoters did all they could to take away the local advantage...

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