Monday, June 02, 2008

Double Trouble

2 was the magic number yesterday

2nd race of the year at Wausau

2 flat tires

2 Lalonde Brothers who are unstopable

$200 for a new rear wheel :(

but there was only one Sidney Crosby look-a-like

and one true winner on the day for rocking the mustache!

actually 2 winners in my book!

Andrea was the only racer from the team car to not get a flat! And she finished 7th...not too shabby for the 1st race of the year.


marko said...

my 'stache is better than crosby's!

velogrrl said...

congrats to Andrea on her great ride!

claire said...

Second that for Andrea!

Anonymous said...

Today th3e magic number is "30"