Monday, June 16, 2008



Friday the 13th: I wake up to 6" of water in the basement. Not cool. With all the rain the Black River was pretty high and the water was coming up through the basement floor. I first noticed when my Planet Bike pump floated by the bottom of the steps. Lots of trips the the rental store to get pumps and supplies. The bad luck of the superstitious day didn't stop 2:00am I woke up the check on the water pumping process. Like Cassius Clay I found myself bobbing and weaving instantly as a friendly flying mammal was doing a crit around my head. 30 minutes later I looked like Roman and Chester trying to catch or kill it....the bat disappeared and 15 minutes later I was asleep! The basement is still WET Arghhhhh


Mt Morris Subaru Cup Cross Country. Bad start. Bad Mental. Bad bike choice for the course for me. Bad Hydration. Bad Day. Finished up the day a little better with a COLD ice cream from Culvers! Mmmmm


Mt Morris Super D and Short Track. Super D, Heat # 2 Le mans style start. Wholeshot on the bike, maybe a little conservative on the descent and then let 'er rip on the slight climb to the finish. Good enough for 1st in the heat and 5th overall. STXC, First Victory of the year! Good start, hot line on lap #2 to open up a small gap...Tristan bridged and we were gone. Gapped Tristan w/ 2.5 laps remaining and held on for the W. I came away with a sunburn and filled up afterwards with a Spicy Chicken sandwich and some HOT fries from Wendys. Mmmmm

I wonder when the basement will be DRY Hmmmmmmm?
Next up Superior Bike Fest Marquette MI! Thanks to the guys at CLIF for being at the race and handing out free calories all weekend. Thanks to DON for the best ever WORS Short Track course and Thanks to all my sponsors.


D A N O said...

"Great Outdoors" was the best Candy film ever. Or was "Uncle Buck"?

Now I'm confused.....

Shawn Hauser said...

No Ramble, Superior what.....? We'll miss you at the Ramble this weekend, good luck up nort' eh!

Hauser/RD of Ramble