Monday, August 25, 2008


Yesterday was hmmmm.....

Not sure what to think. Up at 6am....5 hour drive. WORS #9 Border Battle.

I was not in the best of mental states, still a little bummed from the O2S flat tire. The 5 hour drive and late arrival didn't help. I rolled around the course a little and wasn't thrilled about the start or the following bumpy field. I knew this was bad as I was rolling to the line so I told myself....."forget about it and just didn't drive 5 hours for nothing."

So Don yelled GO......I attempted to move up, but was boxed in....not a good course to be boxed in....midway through the first lap Chris P and I hooked up and started ripping the was more like a fun group ride as I was judging Chris on his style points(or lack of) until we caught a group of 10 at the end of lap 1. The course was top notch(which helped my mood). Lap 2 Chris and I moved through the field pretty quick and then we checked out with Jesrin in tow. Middle of lap 3 I started feeling really good. Chris bobbled(tried to crash me) and I went to the front.

(thanks to mountaingoat for the sweet photo)

I started going really good(possibly the best I have felt on the bike all year). Sova was out there giving me some time splits and I caught Mike P just in time to sprint him to the line for 3rd.

All in all it was a good day(really frickin long drive, but the course was cool enough to make it worth it) and the motivation is back to begin the final countdown for the FAT TIRE.

After the race I went to Margarita Loco w/ Bill Street, TJ, SOVA, and WOODY. Nothing like a crazy burrito after a mtb race!


ex-rasta said...

thanks for the complement on the course dude!!

cjs said...

What, no disco dancing at the Margarita Loco?

I hope to see some moves at the Iceman!

Nice job at the Border Battle.

Rip some legs off at the Cheq 40.


BVDG said...

good to see the season is picking up for you bro! there were some times that didnt not qualify as "the boat times" with flats, crap legs and all that... good form comes to those who wait?