Monday, August 04, 2008


This past week was pretty good! I put in a lot of Time relaxin' by campfires and sleeping under the stars.

I put in a lot of Time hanging with family.
I put a lot of miles on the car and even a few miles on dad's new kayak.
Kayaking works for Adam Craig right?
Even better was not a lot of time at work and the perfect amount of miles and time on the bike. Mission accomplished in training prep for O2S and even did a few intervals in Cali for some icing on the cake. Here's the favorite photo from the week! Notice the smile contradicting the "Life is Crap" t-shirt!
See you in Marquette!


D A N O said...


Mark said...

Good luck on the Ore to Shore! I'm heading there too. I'll be happy if I actually finish it. :-)
Any advice for a newbie?

Unrelated question...
I ride the Potawatami trail quite often. Did you ever ride that trail when you lived in Pinckney?

Anonymous said...

free advice...take your time have fun and the last 8 miles is downhill!

i probably have done the poto 500 times!