Monday, July 28, 2008


Quick update following the WORS race yesterday at Alterra. I finished 5th and Andrea was 6th. My race was pretty good! I had a good start and was following Jesse on lap 1. On the climb a few guys passed me. A small gap opened in the last singletrack and going through the start/finish I was in no mans land. Coming off a rest week I didn't have the gas to jump across so I set a good tempo and cruised in for my best WORS race of the year.

In other news Bennet Vandergenugten won the BNS Tour De France point competition...then he did a sweet blog update...check it out!

Now we are off for some secret training for the week at Firefly up O2S!!!

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BVDG said...

the hildebrand house doesnt count as a public computer.