Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hangin' @LT

With no race last weekend I have had some time to do some quality training. Lots of 20 min LT intervals. Yesterdays session almost ended in a blaze of glory as I finished in a crazy lightning storm with power lines shooting sparks like it was the 4th a few days early. Not cool.

I also had a little time to relax and finally got to watch KLUNKERZ in full. It was sweet and brought back some of my old school memories...first one was this....Sport Overall Champion 1994 w/ the man himself.

Or the days of racing in T-Shirts against Mesko...

Or my first World Cup in 95 Helen, GA...

Can you name the top 3?

On the homeowner front it goes like this: Painted a kitchen ceiling, mosquitoes, raked a small pile of leaves, mosquitoes, thought about mowing the lawn(didn't), and more mosquitoes.

New Gear Grinder apparel is almost ready along with the website...soon to be seen on a podium near you! Off to Eagle River for the holiday weekend and then over to WORS for the Firecracker!
As spoken by HB himself, "LATER DUDE"


Kevin T said...

I'm in. Top Three....TF, RH, and JEO.

the michigan scene said...

frishy, kluge, matinez?

b-matter said...

michigan scene wins the award for the knowledge in the old school scene! i'm impressed

also impressed with the jeo guess.... i'm guessing most blog readers don't even know who jeo was!