Monday, July 07, 2008

It's all good!

As my good buddy Glenner the UPS man would say, "It's All Good!" That's what I was thinking as I was driving home from Eau Claire last night. I was not thinking that as I was descending towards the small river crossing in the race and very quickly losing tire pressure. I rode as far as I could hoping it would seal and looking for a place to pull off the lengthy singletrack section that would not impede other racers. I quickly attempted a shot of big air in hopes the bead would seal, but no go again. So I went for the tube, poored stans all over my front rotor, and was off and running again. Needless to say I was pretty far back being so early in the race and needless to say my front brake was not the best with a liquid latex coating. Anyway I knew I needed to race to I put on the game face and made the best of my situation. I raced hard the entire race, had high HR numbers, and finished in the money. Take away the 3 or so minutes it took to fix the flat and I could have been racing for a top 5.

Andrea killed it! Once again she made the podium and brought home more money that I did!

I'm not liking the view from the podium way over here, but I'm confident the fitness is getting there and the training is going good. Good luck to the top 5 who are heading east this week for some national racing.


BVDG said...

whooo hooo Anner!

Greg said...

Hey Brian, I'm headin' up to eagle river next week and are those trails that we both cc skied on mountain bike trails too?

Anonymous said...

yep, there are some sweet mtb trails in that area