Monday, July 14, 2008

"It's a Jelly"

A quote from Strange Brew one of my all-time fav's. Really when thinking about this blog update I was going to title it jealousy, but that's not the right word.

About 1 month ago I entertained the idea of going back to the East Coast for some NMBS action. Yesterday I talked with TJ after the race and it made me think a little. The last time I did a Norba was 2004. I crashed out of the race at Mt. Snow with a separated shoulder and then had to watch the Short Track from the sidelines the next day. That's not really how I wanted to end my Norba career, but I followed up that crash with some rest and with a W at Ore To Shore and the rest is history.

One of these days I will head out for another national level race, but the timing wasn't right this year. With the purchase of our new home, and a late start to the season, I needed these two weeks to complete a good training build. I also had to paint the kitchen! Today I got some new shades that will be enough motivation for this week of hard training and the Holy Hill road race on Monday.

I hope the WI crew rips it up in VT.

Fact: I have done the NORBA in VT 10 times~ I still know the race course like the back of my hand. I have only done the nude crit in VT 3 times. It's not quite as technical.

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Anonymous said...

those radars are so early 08' even the Devil of Marquette Mountain was wearin' them! See you at the o2s