Monday, October 20, 2008

Doublin' Up

Another weekend of cross action has come and gone. Next up I'll be rippin' it up on the blue grass of Louisville, KY...but first things first.
You know it's going to be a good weekend of cross racing when you get a little BOC on the radio while driving to the race!!!

The race was good with a new and improved course since the last time I raced in Verona. There was a nice section of corners by the start/finish and a sweet log barrier that I jumped every lap except the first in traffic.

I won. Kristin won the womens race and Elicia was 4th. I pushed myself to the limit on every lap.
Wally killed it over the log barrier and scored some $$$ from the superfan's!!!

Yes this photo was taken at Arby's where we enjoyed our post race meal!!!!!
Gibb's Showdown;
Andrea decided to race in the morning so it was a quick departure, but we didn't forget anything. A 2:30 hour drive down to Gibb's allowed for a little more recovery time y tiempo a estudiar espanol.

Andrea did her first cross race on a cross bike and was 9th amongst the women. Kristin won and Elicia moved up a spot to 3rd. I'm not so sure she enjoyed the lung searing efforts of cross compared to the mtb.

The course was run backwards from years past which made for a long run up in the back section of the race.

I needed some practice running with the bike. It was a really fast 1st half of the lap w/ 20+ mph dirt sections. Someone in front of me crashed on the descent. The crash opened a gap, I chased hard and caught Kyle J just in time for a flick of the elbow to go through. I went by him and never looked back.

I stayed much more steady compared to yesterday....just trying some different things out...all in all another great weekend of cross racing. Thanks to all who took photos and cheered. Thanks to GG, Easton, Trek, Hyundai, Oakley and Crank Bros.


Anonymous said...

Wally has now taken over the knuckle head award from Street. So what is Street going to do to take it back home.....Or could Tristan return for a strong showing at the end of the year awards?

Nice job this weekend.

Tim said...

Here's a video clip for you "Mr Smooth"

Good work this weekend for you and the ladies.

D A N O said...

More Cowbell!