Monday, October 13, 2008

OHIO 2 & 3

That's more like it...Racing bikes is fun....traveling with friends is fun....and not being at work for a three day weekend is really fun. All in all I'm really happy with the weekend. I made the right decision not to do the local race in Sheboygan and go for the triple header in OH. So after day 1 we (Marko and Kristin) hit the Applebees for a Brewtus burger and then settled into the Super 8 for some R&R.

Day 2:

Java Johnny's in Middleton, OH. The course was less bumpy with some good off camber corners, and a double sand pit. It started pretty bad right off the bat when 2 or 3 guys missed there call up....Then they just backed it in the front row. So now there is 10 or 11 guys in the front row when there is enough room for 8. Marko was behind Troy Wells and I was just to his left. Troy either skipped a pedal or pulled out of his cleats and did a major swerve. 2 others did a major over reaction and crashed directly in front of me. I was on the ground for at least 20 seconds. Not really on the ground I guess, because I was actually on someone else. I got up after stepping on some wheels and untangling bars from spokes. Started going to realize my chain was off. Hopped off the bike to put the chain on...back on the bike to realize the stem is crooked...back off the bike to straighten the stem....back on the bike to start a long chase...made it up to 15th, but not happy with the end result...something that could have possibly been avoided had the UCI officials maybe been a little more on top of it...

After the race my mom and I went to the Montgomery Inn for some world famous....I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I wonder if Sven Nys eats this good during his 3 day Christmas races!

Day 3: Bio Wheels Dairy Farmers in Fairfield OH.

More of a roadie course with lots of drafting. Some tough sand pits and a screaming fast descents that had my Tufo Flexus tires holding on for dear life. A live band with a Superfan drummer on the cowbell, and an awesome blow by blow announcer. A much better start had me 3rd wheel behind Powers and Wicks after the first 2 or 3 corners. I was feeling good. I drifted back a few spots and settled in by mid lap. Starting lap 2 I had a slight bobble and had to touch down with my hand. My chain fell off and I fell off the lead group. I quickly put the chain back on as 9th-11th passed me.
I bridged back up to Marko, Tonkin, and Adam Mcgrath and there I stayed the rest off the race. Mcgrath crashed on the same corner I did with 3 to go and then it was 3. With one to go Tonkin was riding like an animal trying to chase down Parbo. I was dropped on the final climb and rolled in for 11th. More UCI points!

Kristin had an awesome weekend against a stacked womens field. She was 7th, 7th and 8th! That should be a good call up for KY!

The Planet Bike Sprinter rolled into Milwaukee at around 11pm and I was home by midnight. I can't wait for more cross racing. When I woke up this morning I was so pumped I had to ask myself, "Did I even race yesterday?" Thanks to my MOM (my biggest Superfan) for making the trip from Athens. A huge thanks to Team Planet Bike for the ride to and from the races. Thanks to Gear Grinder, Trek, Hyundai, Crank Bros, and Oakley. In local news Andrea scored a podium finish with a 4th at the Sheboygan WORS.