Thursday, March 19, 2009

bang bang!

2009 season has officially started...yes that's right it's Gravel Rouser time. Andrea and I made the drive down to celebrate Christmas with my parents for the weekend! We arrived today just in time for the 6th annual GRC! Tonights stage was an Athens Bicycle Urban Assault Super D style.....

It was like a page out of the euro cross scenes course creation. Start on a fast street, cut through an alley, turn back 90 degree onto a sidewalk, left down a huge set of steps, a couple s turns, a run up, a long straight away and another shortcut through a backyard to the finish. With the huge crowds I almost felt like I was back in the motherland!

I think the locals are pulling for me to lose! Each year they make the course more and more difficult for the out of towners!

I borrowed my dads Fuel 98....Andrea raced too but got lost in someones back yard and ended up at the start instead of the finish! She is two for two now in stacking it up during the TT pre-ride at the Gravel Rouser...oops skills a little rusty after a long Wisco winter.

Stay tuned for more photos and race results.

Thanks for the bike DAD!

ps got some sweet Christmas Presents

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