Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ripped up some muddy trails this past weekend! It was a blast to finally break in the new Fuel and test 'er out in the mud. Even with some slick tires the new ride seems to hold a great line in the grease and fly up the hills. Not much was going on over the holiday weekend so I decided last minute to team up with Gear Grinder manager Rob Boldt and race the 6 Hour Duo WEMS race. After 6 hours of racing we narrowly came away with a victory!

We went with the 2 lap technique because lap times were hovering around 35 minutes a piece. Then the rains came, and everyone knows what happens to fresh cut singletrack in the rain. Rob truly cherished the win!

With a holiday and no work slated for tomorrow it was back on the bike today to once again push beyond the limit. Finished up with some great recovery food and now looking forward to lazy memorial day!

Looks like the Wings are going to be up 3-1 over the B-Hawks...time to go catch the 3rd period. Go WINGS

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Anonymous said...

I thought Boldt was dead years ago?