Monday, June 01, 2009


With only expectations of having fun on the weekend...I accomplished my goal!

It started with a short day of work Fri and a trip up to Eagle River and the in-laws cabin! I love that place as it is so relaxing even with monster porcupines trying to eat through the exterior walls.

Saturday was the 5th ride on the new Fuel on the Hidden Lakes trails gettin' 'er dialed in for my first WORS race of the season. Saturday night was some delicious pasta with wild morels. Mmmmm

Sunday morning was some fishin' for muskies and some pancakes. Then it was race time!

I really had no idea of what to expect from the group of guys....they had all been racing 100 milers, norba's, and on the road. I hadn't lined up for the start of a race since Feb and this was only my 6th ride on the new Fuel. Luckily the thing is like a rocket ship lazy boy.

I followed Jesse on Lap 1 and felt dialed in with the course right away. The old 24-9 team was back at it again off the front of the WORS race. I thought for sure I was going to be done for on the second lap, but I was able to match what felt like a strong surge towards the end of the lap. Startinf lap 3 the camelbak went dry and I thought for sure I was done, but made it 10 minutes into the singletrack and Marko flatted. Instantly I liked my odds a little better. The rain started and I felt the pace slow a hint on the corners, feeling even better. Needed to race smart though as I was still out of water and the dixie cups weren't cutting it...

Started to feel the muscles twinging, but needed to make it through one last section on singletrack and I was set to sprint Jesse for the win.

A great early season win to boost the confidence and confirm training is heading in the right direction.

Andrea also had an awesome race finishing 3rd in the pro womens field. She made a last minute decision to rock her road shoes and speedplays with the proper height adjustments that paid off with a less sore back. Hopefully the new MTB shoes from Dr. Bill in Tucson show up soon.

Finished up the weekend Sunday night back at the cabin with some ORV'S frozen pizza, a sweet massage from my new live in SIL massage therapist, and a Game 2 Wings win. Go WINGS


Greg said...

Any muskies? I was also fishing and caught a couple northerns on cranberry lake and a muskie got off of my hook right when I was about to net it.

Anonymous said...

Snagged 2 Muskies...broke 2 lines!


Biwan said...

Alright BMatter! Hope there's more of those wins to come.