Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm on a rest week with one more big training block before O2S. I always like to do one workout during a rest week and with the boss on vacation I have been working a lot. So I took the one opp I had to do the Wed Night Group Ride. It was pretty cool to see all the guys and get pushed a little without having to mentally use any energy. Even more cool was that we did the old Tues night route! I did my first workout ever with power the other day too.......20 minute power session = 345 watts???? Not sure what it means and really don't care! There is so much more to mountain biking and cross than power and that's why I love racing those two disciplines!
Scored some new grips for the Fuel for this weekends Showdown.

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dirt-diesel said...

345 watts for 20 minutes means you are really, really fast, but everyone already knows that. Good luck on the race.