Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Two days later and I'm still hurting....why? I think I kicked my own a$$ out there! So I'm taking an extra rest day before tomorrow's Lake Front Road Race in MKE.

Even Andrea was putting the hurt on me towards the end!

For some good tech talk check out this one.... www.mtbracenews.com

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cross Training

No I haven't started running yet for cross season. Yes I am getting ready for another run at some top ten UCI races. Yes I still have two bikes from last year for sale. No it's not snowing in Sheboygan in July....although I wouldn't be surprised.

If your interested in a 58cm cross bike with brand new Ultegra let me know....I have two of them at very reasonable prices. brimatter@hotmail.com

The cross training went down earlier today at the Sunburst Showdown. Last years race times were 1:24 so I figured it would be a good opp to see how hard I can go for an hour. I went pretty darn hard! After a half a lap I was solo.....kept the gas on and finished the first 3 laps in 56 minutes. It hurt....I cruised the next two laps to get another WORS win. I am pretty happy with my training and looking forward to the next block. There was a ton of Superfans cheering for me out on the course which was awesome and the #1 Superfan of the day even hooked Andrea and I up with some post race Italian Sausages! Andrea was 5th with a few crashes.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm on a rest week with one more big training block before O2S. I always like to do one workout during a rest week and with the boss on vacation I have been working a lot. So I took the one opp I had to do the Wed Night Group Ride. It was pretty cool to see all the guys and get pushed a little without having to mentally use any energy. Even more cool was that we did the old Tues night route! I did my first workout ever with power the other day too.......20 minute power session = 345 watts???? Not sure what it means and really don't care! There is so much more to mountain biking and cross than power and that's why I love racing those two disciplines!
Scored some new grips for the Fuel for this weekends Showdown.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Fam

A little family time goes a long way!

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Tried some road racing. Got in a break in the beginning. Was 3rd wheel in the train at the end. Finished in the middle. Friday in Greenbush was about the same. Spent the weekend in E.R. relaxing w/ Andrea on her b-day. Did some training, now ready for the real racing to begin!!!! Unfor

tunately not me this weekend. So I'll have to stick the the fantasy stuff! E-mail me - $5 gets you in! brian@sheboyganbicycle.com

ps - I wore one white glove in honor of MJ