Monday, January 11, 2010

The New Year

I'm back.....back from Belgium and back from a mini vacation up to the cabin in Eagle River for some much needed r & r...

I made it home with little troubles from Belgium. Needless to say the last 7 days and 5 races had me pretty hurt. The 8.5 hour flight and the all nighter after the last race didn't help things either.

My best cure for the jet lag was a quick trip up north for some perfectly groomed XC ski trails. Andrea Elicia and I slapped on the striding skis and went and got all the fresh air one

As far as the racing goes....I'm happy to be taking an extended break and calling it a very successful season. The WORLDS team is pretty stacked this year and its looking like I will not be on the team. The camp was a lot different than last year. The racing was twice as hard due to a different schedule and the conditions. Things started a lot faster with a race 2 days after arriving instead of a week to get adjusted like last year. The mud made for a lot less recovery time and much more time cleaning and doing laundry. Overall my results were very similar to last years camp, but again I learned a ton and will come back to next cross season with more confidence and more knowledge of cross.

Now it's time to get some sponsorship dialed in for next year, get back to work at the bike shop, and come up with a plan for next race season. Oh yeah...I have about 9 months of home improvement projects that I need to cram into the next 1.5 months before I start up the base miles again.

I will be selling both of my cross bikes from the season so anybody interested in a Blue Norcross 56cm should send me an e-mail.

Thanks again to everybody who helped along the way in 2009. Can't wait to give it another go in 2010!


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