Thursday, January 28, 2010


Are you ready for the WORLDS? I am...although this time around I'll be riding the couch! I'm a little bummed not to be racing this year, but the US team is the strongest ever and the best 5 riders are representin'. I was pretty well spent by the end of the season and am definitely enjoying a little time off the bike.

I am however looking forward to next season. I'm already got a new Saris Power Tap SL +. I'm dialing up new sponsors, and dialing in a place for some spring training. A new Madone 6.5 Project One has been ordered, a new Top Fuel 9.9 is on the way, and the motivation is starting to come around.

First we better finish off this past season with some predictions.

Elite Men:

1. Nys
2. Stybar
3. Vantornout

Elite Women:

1. Nash
2. Compton
3. Vos


1. Meeusen
2. Jouffroy
3. Szczepaniak


1. Boros
2. Van Der Poele
3. Lasak

Super Sunday 2 weeks in a row for me!


Dave said...

So where the elite men 'Merican's going to finish? Prediction?

On another note, you been using a powertap for a while, or just getting into it?

Kyle J said...

Nys!?! He blew up hard sitting on Albert at Hoogerheide... Maybe he was sitting up, hinted at here - "Unlike last week in Roubaix, I felt good today," Nys told Het Nieuwsblad. "I do not need Hoogerheide on Sunday to know that I am in good shape for the world championships in Tabor. The countdown has begun."
But I say stick a fork in him, he's done. Albert showed the best form at that particular WC, he had a pretty bad start but attacked the lead group on the third lap!

1. Albert
2. Stybar
3. Vervecken

1. Vos
2. Compton
3. van den brand

1. meeseun
2. aernouts
3. ...

Katsu Tanda said...

Nys is the king of frozen races. No one can touch him.

Thats unless the uci decides to plow the snow and lay down sand.

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